Positive Art in the footsteps of Positive Psychology!

be a yes person noone else by dean ildefonse positive artist

It’s official! Positive art is in the footsteps of positive psychology.

What positive Art is?

Positive art emerged from the reflections of the artist Dean Ildefonse in 2012 due to an interaction with a person subject to psychological disorders. Gradually, the positive art was articulated from forms (people, landscape, object, plant …), colors and words and positive phrases in a purely therapeutic purpose. The work must create something around the psychic reaction to the one who contemplates the work. The hypothesis is that we give him or her work as a visual stimulus and that we provide him or her a therapeutic plan of action put in place to hunt unpleasant and promote pleasure. We clearly want to bring that person to a quest within a positive psychological environment. The positive art can equally well be general (a work created for everyone) or individual (a work created for a single person with a goal of psychic well-defined outcome between the artist in collaboration with the researcher (psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist) and the prescriber of the work).

The positive art as defined at the outset by its creator should be used in the near future with measuring elements, understanding, research and Evaluation borrow positive psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, forms and colors and texts.