The Piggy Bank Effect

PIGGY BANK INNER JOY by  Positive artist and private wellbeing researcher Dean ILDEFONSE
The Piggy bank effect in The Positive Art language is a way to favour the enhance of our good mood.
In the first step, your piggy bank will be material as a piece of chocolate, an ice cream, a new hair cut, a shopping moment and gradually it will turn toward an immaterial aspect as walking in the nature, savouring a sunbeam, talking with friends and family, practicing sports activities and hobbies, building a project you care about, growing your contacts, feeling the simple joy of life across beauty, reading a pleasant book or again helping people.
The biggest elements of the Piggy bank effect are Love & Thankfulness !
The Piggy bank work of Art is then minimalist, composed mainly of blue and green colors that represent nature, calm and quietness.
I am often use this language in the Positive Art Xperiment Program for great inner income!